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Diablo 3 World Map Released

Diablo 3 Maps

The world map of Santuary was actually released with the second Diablo game’s manual, but a new and improved map has been made by Blizzard, outlining the continents and the major settlements. Many of these locations will be visited in Diablo 3, including Tristram. Areas close by that were never visited in the previous games will also have a chance, like the Leoric Highlands and Westmarch, and it’s known that much of Act Three takes place in the Barbarian Lands around the Arreat Crater.

Areas In Diablo 3

Outdoor areas will be less randomized than dungeons, and the terrain will for the most part be static. Instead, a lot of random scripted events will take place, and some will even be really advanced. They can vary from an escort quest, to a moldy tome, or a big, bad boss monster. You will also find interactive environments with dangerous traps, obstacles, and┬ádestructible elements. There will be “numerous” outdoor locations. These portions of the map that are randomized are called events, and can even happen within randomized dungeons.


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