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Secret Pony Level Guide

In this guide I will show you how to get to the Secret Pony level.  I will show you exactly what you need to get and where to get in order to make the staff to open up the Secret Pony Level.  Once you obtain all of the materials listed below you can go on your own and craft the Staff of Herding with your Blacksmith, Artisan.  You can do this with level 1 Blacksmithing.

What You’ll Need

In order to open the Secret Pony Level you will need to make a Staff of Herding, these are the materials you will need to find around the world in different Acts going from Act 1 to Act 4.


1)  Black Mushroom

2)  Leoric’s Shinbone

3)  Liquid Rainbow

4)  Wirt’s Bell

5)  Gibbering Gemstone

6)  Plans: Staff of Herding

Black Mushroom

This item will be found in Cathedral Level 1, it will randomly spawn on the ground and it will be founded like this

Leoric’s Shinbone

The easiest way to get to Leoric’s Manor is to enter Act I on quest 9 – The Imprisoned Angel.

After you select your quest you will join your new game.  Inside of the game you will be in New Tristram, from here run to the waypoint, you will be going to Leoric’s Manor.

Once you arrive in Leoric’s Manor you will run into the Manor, pretty much back into the building.  You will see a quest giver run up them stairs then into the room where you will see a fire place.  This is what the fire place will look like, although keep in mind this will most likely not appear on the first try.  Keep remaking the game if you see an empty fire place, it will eventually come.

You will see Burnt Logs in the fire, click on it.

Once you click on it the item you have been looking for will pop out of the Burnt Logs, keep in mind that this item is white.

Pick up Leoric’s Shinbone.

Liquid Rainbow

Finding the Liquid Rainbow will require you to enter the game in Act 2 on quest 7 – Blood and Sand.  Select your quest and join the game.

Once you have selected the quest and are in the game you will go to the waypoint and go to Path of the Oasis.

After you portal to Path of the Oasis, you will follow the boarder of the map staying along the Southern part of the wall.  This is where you will find different water ways that Zaven the Alchemist is in.  The whole idea of this is to save the Alchemist from dying from different mobs.  Fight the mobs and protect Zaven.

Soon after you protect Zaven the Alchemist from the enemies you will be able to talk to him.  So do that, then he will walk over to the wooden boarded wall and bust it open, this will be the Mysterious Cave Level 1.  Go inside.

Once you’re inside you will need to explore through the caves and locate the mysterious chest.  Keep in mind, this chest is rare as well, so you may need to join multiple games to find Zaven and then find the chest, dont get too worked up!

Wirt’s Bell

Wirt’s Bell is by far the easiest part of the recipe to obtain in order to make the Staff of Herding.  One way to get where the Wirt’s Bell is located is by joining Act 2 on quest 7 – Blood and Sand.  Select your quest and join the game.

Once you select your quest you will be in the Act 2 starting point “The Hidden Camp”.  Inside of The Hidden Camp you will need to run to the North East of the waypoint, look at my mini map to see exactly where it is.  You will then go inside of the Caldeum Bazaar.

Once inside the Caldeum Bazaar, town / market area you will run a little bit north west, you will come upon a little girl, squirt the Peedier “Merchant”.  She has your recipe

Wirt’s Bell will be found in the first tab, or top tab where the potions are found.  Once you see that Wirt’s Bell buy it, it will cost 100,000 gold.

Gibbering Gemstone

Finding the Gibbering Gemstone will require you to enter the game in Act 3 on quest 6 – Siegebreaker.  Select your quest and join the game.

Once inside the game, go to your waypoint and take it to The Bride of Korsikk.

Upon arrival you will run around in the Fields of Slaughter.  You will be looking for an ice cave that looks like this.  It can either be called the Icefall Caves or Caverns of Frost.

Once through the first part of the cave you will come upon the second part, which will contain the boss / elite that you’re looking for this will take a couple runs if you don’t happen to find the boss.

Chiltara is the boss you will be wanting to find in the second part of the cave, it will drop your Gibbering Gemstone no matter what.

The Gibbering Gemstone will be a white drop, so please do not pass that up!

This is what it will look like once in your inventory, keep in mind this is account bound so you cannot buy it off the Auction House.

Plan: Staff of Herding

Finding the Staff of Herding will require you to enter the game in Act 4 on quest 4 – Prime Evil.  Select your quest and join the game.

Once in the game go to the waypoint and go to The Crystal Colonnade.

Once you arrive in at The Crystal Colonnade you will need to run a little bit north from the waypoint, entering the Gateway to the Silver Spire.

Once inside the Gateway to the Silver Spire, you will cross a long bridge and you will see The Silver Spire Level 1, go inside!

Once inside the Silver Spire Level 1 you will run through and try to find the Great Span, go inside!  This will lead you to Izual

Izual will be the one who will drop the Plan: Staff of Herding.

After killing Izual, probably multiple times running this till you get the Plan: Staff of Herding, pick it up it will be white so please do not pass it up!

This is what the Plan: Staff of Herding will look like.


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