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How to enter secret pony level Whimsyshire

With players hitting level 60 in Diablo 3, many have wondered if we will see a return of the famous Secret Cow Level from Diablo 2. Though there is not a Secret Cow Level their is a Secret Pony Level called Whimshire. In order to access Whimsyshire you must complete the steps below through all 4 acts. Its recommended to play through the campaign once then go back and unlock Whimsyshire.

Whimsyshire Overview

The secret level is a fully-playable area of the game. There are monsters (cute ones), gold and item drops, health orbs (which look like giant pink cupcakes), random and elite bosses, and even an amazing, baby’s-blanket looking minimap.

Though the area is accessed through Act One, the difficulty is balanced to be equivalent to late Act Four. Thus a low level character will be slaughtered instantly, even in the normal difficulty version of Whimsyshire.

The secret level is not going to be a major portion of the gameplay; it’s a fun treat and am amusement, but the developers didn’t want to recreate the Diablo II Secret Cow Level, which was literally the most profitable area to play in during some early game patches.

How to Enter

To gain access to Whimsyshire requires five special ingredients, and a Plan to teach the Blacksmith how to craft them into the Staff of Herding. This object must be taken to the Cow King’s Ghost, a spectral bovine located on Old Tristram Road, near that pit with the mysterious red glow from within.

After the Cow King’s Ghost conversation, the glow changes to a rainbow color and it becomes a clickable dungeon entrance. As was the case with the Diablo II Secret Cow Level, characters must have defeated that difficulty level to enter the secret level, which is balanced to be about as difficult as Act 4.

Required Ingredients

Players must assemble the five ingredients and the Staff of Herding plan to enter the level.

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